Those unspoken words
cover your lips like dust
flying like dead birds
into the dawn of forgetting
I saw you dancing
I saw you laughing and alive
now your eyes only reflect
that pain of mine
like a never-ending depression
your face like a mask
can’t take it off
your gestures clouded by mourning
as if your life takes place
during a continual rainy day
Your tears
- not more than salty raindrops
oh, what have I done?
angry words
like the red cloth of a torero
didn’t ever
turn your voice louder
But they forced your heart to break
like a tree strucked by lightning
your mind burst atwain
One part of your intellect
lies like the heat of a day of summer
in the air – touching madness
touching even death ...
One part of your soul
lost forever
in that abyss
which is hidden by your eyes
searching for those never-spoken words!

14.5.07 20:30


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